Where To Find Rare Coins

Some people want to shoot for something that's a bit more fun than the regular circulated coin collection. This is where finding rare coins comes into play. Since rare coins, well, are so rare, coin collecting takes on a new degree of interest and excitement. However, finding these rarer coins gets increasingly more difficult depending on the coin that you're after. These are just some simple ways to find rare coins without having to travel around the world to track one down.

A great way to find rare coins is to take advantage of the fact that owner's probably don't know how rare they are. Try some local flea markets. Chances are that the owners know that there's something special about these coins that might be able to rake in a few more cents than face value, but don't quite know that it might mean much more than that. These are very easy buys. Likewise, you can hit local shops that happen to purchase coins. Some antique and pawn shops will buy these guys, but it's not guaranteed. Check with your local businesses. Of course, if you're at an antique shop, they mostly deal with furniture and adornments, so more easy buys for you.

Ebay: the same concept, but online. With so many listings, there's bound to be a few sellers who also don't quite know how much their coins are worth. They will often put whole collections up (similar to selling stamp collections) for very low prices. Most of the time, the sellers will have already taken out the rarest ones, but from time to time they will be left in. This is where you take them for yourself. Ebay also happens to be a place where people try to sell fakes, so please be careful while browsing and never assume anything.

The third and most obvious way is to check every single darn coin that you come across. Memorize a few marks that make a coin rare, and check for them every time you get some change. Most of the time, you're not going to get anything interesting. However, if you happen to be missing a few years here and there, you're going to fill in those gaps very quickly. It takes just a few minutes a day, and you're never going to have to examine more than ten to fifteen coins at once. You'll be surprised.

Rare coins are everywhere. Don't expect to find a coin worth $7 million any time soon, but you can be sure that whatever coins you're missing in your collection can indeed be found using the three places above. Just keep plowing through the many coins that you see in your life. You're bound to hit one that you need.

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