Virgin Fairground Site! (high bandwidth version)

Stay updated with all the latest US rare coins news and listings by subscribing to our RSS feed and bookmarking us. Now, on to the video...DFX Larry located this defunct historic fairground site and John pinpointed the location for us! Coin Magnet asked for and got permission to hunt it. A TEAM effort! ... barber seated dime quarter indian cent coin hunting metal detector detecting coinhunting old coins fair fairground ...Check back tomorrow for more old us coin info and the latest old US coin listings in our coin shop.

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15 Responses to “Virgin Fairground Site! (high bandwidth version)”

  1. Wavatar droppyporridge Says:

    that is an incredible site! thanks for making the video, where are you going to post all the finds?


  2. Wavatar walleye148 Says:

    Awesome hunt guys!!!


  3. Wavatar Rodnick568 Says:

    not the best video but cool finds


  4. Wavatar fasteddierocs Says:

    Awesome video. did you guys know about the old fairgrounds or did you stumble upon it.


  5. Wavatar zachpeabody Says:

    my fairgrounds only produce clad and only one braclet


  6. Wavatar keithindiana Says:

    our buddy Larry found it through some research he was doing. Being the nice guy that he is he invited us to hunt it with him…….


  7. Wavatar TreasureFiend Says:

    Man thats some fantastic finds – congrats!!!


  8. Wavatar redradiodog Says:

    Fantastic! I’d love to find a place like that.


  9. Wavatar crunch7077 Says:

    Nice finds & video !!!


  10. Wavatar Vidslayer Says:

    That’s the kind of site we all dream about! Man O Man, barbers and seateds and you can dig them by hand! Great video! I’d go back and pound that site with every coil I had.


  11. Wavatar MUDSWAT Says:

    Wow, Great Site I would love a site like that…. Early 1900′s and late 1800′s silver !! Thats awesome !!

    Keep @ it and HH!!


  12. Wavatar MUDSWAT Says:

    Can you link the post, I want to see that nice quarter?


  13. Wavatar keithindiana Says:

    w w w . coinhunting . net


  14. Wavatar artifactman660 Says:

    thats what dreams are made of!!! cool video,and best video on the net for detecting. congrats!!!!!!!!!!!


  15. Wavatar Biffbradford Says:

    Awesome. I would think that over 100 years of leaves collecting on the ground, those coins would be deeper that that! Amazing.


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