US Coins Off-Center, NOT MANY HAVE SEEN ONE…..

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6 Responses to “US Coins Off-Center, NOT MANY HAVE SEEN ONE…..”

  1. Wavatar PukeUpchucker Says:

    First comment FTW! Great pics…I wonder what they’re worth…


  2. Wavatar BirdValiant Says:

    Someone must have been drunk at the mint.


  3. Wavatar ryannlag Says:

    These errors are called blanchet or something right! Drunk @ the mint! LOL


  4. Wavatar pachebelscanon Says:

    I have one
    check out my video in the video responses


  5. Wavatar rhodalenegdr Says:

    wow. are these real?

    how did they overlook these?


  6. Wavatar pachebelscanon Says:

    there worth alot more if the date is visible


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