U.S. coin collection p.3 Dimes

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12 Responses to “U.S. coin collection p.3 Dimes”

  1. Wavatar SouthernLibertyAmer Says:

    Hmmmm! I want that 1955-S Rosey :) !



  2. Wavatar JRHulbret Says:

    I thought I commented on this one. Hmm
    GREAT video. It shows you’ve taken some time to learn how the cam works.
    You’ve also been doing your homework on coinage. Your fire box must be getting a little tight for room=) Barbers are realy good coins. I have dimes, quauters, and a few halves. The earliest Barber dime I have I think is an 1893. Hard to belive you’re holding somehting thats been around for well over 100 years.


  3. Wavatar sk8ingrocks12 Says:

    i have a barber dime from 1888 i like how thay look. i really want a mercury dime tho. well keep making videos man.


  4. Wavatar bmdmaloclm Says:

    thanks, and mercury’s are another one my favorite dimes.


  5. Wavatar orangespriteman Says:

    how much did you get the mercury dime. where can i buy one on the internet


  6. Wavatar bmdmaloclm Says:

    Mercury dimes price depends on the coin, You can get some for $2 or $3 the only good place I found on line to shop for coins is ebay


  7. Wavatar Fluffie14 Says:

    u should use plyers and clip down youre staples


  8. Wavatar HolyDiver07 Says:

    gotta love those mercs!!


  9. Wavatar GameGod1111 Says:

    barber dimes where not made in 1888

    p.s. how many does he have?


  10. Wavatar bmdmaloclm Says:

    Who? Me? Im not sure 10 or so


  11. Wavatar scottmoney33 Says:



  12. Wavatar poodleenvy Says:

    There is this old hotel the Concord Hotel, it closed in 1998 and i have some coins that were found in the ski hill, they must have fallen out of peoples pockets.


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