United States Gold Coin Type Set. $1-$20.

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25 Responses to “United States Gold Coin Type Set. $1-$20.”

  1. Wavatar robmarlowe Says:

    I’m not exactly sure because I don’t know if the gold is weighed in troy ounces or ounces but here is the info I could find: 1 ounce = 28.3495231 grams and 1 troy ounce = 31.1034768 grams. An ounce of gold is worth $878.40. Hope this helps.


  2. Wavatar TheAllSeeyingGuy Says:

    thanks! :p


  3. Wavatar stupidfuc Says:

    i have a twenty dollar coin 1891 i just found at my granmas house on oahu good start to a new year.and 7 oz of silver dollars.aurai.


  4. Wavatar ssgokufan Says:

    i would by a huge safe for them.


  5. Wavatar kiryu2000 Says:

    yeah i got 2 taiwanese gold coins and one weighs 4 ounces and the larger one weighs 8 ounces


  6. Wavatar peanutforsale Says:

    Is NOT the smallest ever minted coin the UNITED STATES ever made. Get your facts straight dude!!!


  7. Wavatar robmarlowe Says:

    Okay, then why don’t you share with us the smallest US coin ever made if you know the facts.


  8. Wavatar peanutforsale Says:

    Don’t be so damn lazy and look it up yourself. If your going to try and be a know it all at least get your facts straight. Your the kind of person who ruins it for everyone else, a know it all who is dumber then a pile of rocks. Well one thing is for sure, you like to hear yourself talk I guess? Dumb ass!!!!


  9. Wavatar robmarlowe Says:

    Fact is that you are just trying to start crap. You could have easily answered my question but instead you want to be nasty. I will not stoop to your level and will say with confidence that the Type 1 gold dollar is the smallest coin ever made by the US government. The silver three cent piece was the smallest silver coin ever minted but is larger than the Type 1 gold dollar. Now if you have anything good for the discussion I am interested. If you are going to be a butt-head it will be deleted.


  10. Wavatar USLbeast Says:

    can i buy the 5 or 10 1?


  11. Wavatar kiyardo Says:

    Hello. I enjoyed your video. Thanks for posting this. I have a question. Are the only two coins the US Mint with produced with Sunken relief the two coins you showed (The 2.50 and 5 dollar Eagles) Or are you referring to the design its self? If you are, do you know what the other design is?

    Thank you again. Now, I’m off to watch you shoot that MAC-10 :)


  12. Wavatar robmarlowe Says:

    Yes, the two coins I showed: The $2-1/2 Indian and the $5 Indian are the only coins the US Mint ever made of the sunken relief type. If you want a US Mint sunken relief type you would have to buy one of these two coins.


  13. Wavatar robmarlowe Says:

    Sorry, my collection is not for sale.


  14. Wavatar kiyardo Says:

    Thank you. That’s what I thought. The Coin guy on HSN MIke MIziak or whatever his name is said that the New Hampshire State Quarter was sunken relief, or as he put it “incused designed” and I wondered what he was smoking. Thanks for the info.

    Again, great video. Have you ordered the 2009 Ultra HIgh Relief St. Gaundins $20 yet?


  15. Wavatar robmarlowe Says:

    Far as I know the New Hampshire quarter is a normal relief. The home shopping guys do get facts wrong many times. This may be one of them.

    I did order the ’09 high relief but it’s on backorder until March. :-( I saw them at the Baltimore Show and they are awesome! Did you order one?


  16. Wavatar kiyardo Says:

    I very well may have seen you at the Baltimore Show! I was there for the unveiling on July 30th.

    Yes, I ordered one within the first half hour the first day. But there are snafus at the Mint. It should be shipping any day now. We’ll see.


  17. Wavatar GameGod1111 Says:

    OMFG NICE! i only got indian head 2 1/2 and 5 dollar


  18. Wavatar thewooj1 Says:

    robmarlowe go on my channel and watch my new coin and currency video! if you like it give it a comment and rate it what you think it should be, and subscribe too! And these are the most beautiful gold coins i’ve seen yet! of course the acient ones will look kind of messed up because they are really old, oh yeah and in my new vid there is going to be 4 acient coins! i hope you enjoy it robmarlowe!


  19. Wavatar DetroitLove4U Says:

    No Stella Dollars? I just got a 1980 1 oz Kruggerand and had set in a 14 Karat Turkish Style 3mm solid gold bezel coin pendant and a 1923 Mexican 50 Pesos piece set in a 14 Karat solid gold bezel Greek Key pendant. I must attest to the fact you have a nice display of gold here. Are you a modest enthusiast in the field of numismatics yourself. Do you have platinum pieces too? Nice video. I enjoyed it. Gold coins are truly mystifying!


  20. Wavatar JRHulbret Says:

    WONDERFUL wonderful collection, and investment!


  21. Wavatar metaldetector101 Says:

    The smallest coin ever made in the USA is a half dime I have one I would know


  22. Wavatar robmarlowe Says:

    I also have a half dime. The smallest half dime was 15.5mm in diameter whereas the smallest silver three cent piece is 14.3mm in diameter.


  23. Wavatar metaldetector101 Says:

    I also have a three cent piece to


  24. Wavatar pachebelscanon Says:



  25. Wavatar AshcraftCoin Says:

    Nice collection and video. Thanks for posting.


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