Time Searchers Presents..Day 5 “The Unpacking Of The Hansborough Ridge Coin Purse” Part Three

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Tags: Colonial Relic Hunter, Diggin' In Virginia., historical artifacts, Metal Detecting, Time Searchers

10 Responses to “Time Searchers Presents..Day 5 “The Unpacking Of The Hansborough Ridge Coin Purse” Part Three”

  1. Wavatar 09arkansas09 Says:



  2. Wavatar icollectstuffdude Says:

    Oh boy! More to come! Hopefully some kind of ID!!


  3. Wavatar icollectstuffdude Says:

    Hopefully some kind of ID!! WoooHoo!!


  4. Wavatar BillTheRelic Says:

    Thank you! Bill(pa)


  5. Wavatar BillTheRelic Says:

    Well…We have to wait and see tomorrow to see whats next.. I hope you enjoy the video. Bill(pa)


  6. Wavatar BillTheRelic Says:

    I don’t know but lets see tomorrow morning brings.. Thanks for posting! Bill(Pa)


  7. Wavatar evakyl40 Says:

    Wow, Kirk and I were on the edges of our seats. We can’t wait for the next episodes to be released.



  8. Wavatar BillTheRelic Says:

    Thank you Kyle very much and tell Kirk there is a lot more to come. You guys are the best! Bill(pa)


  9. Wavatar Armymanis Says:

    Holy cow!!! So far those coins are amazing! I can’t wait until you reveal the final coin in the coin purse! This is truley an awesome moment!


  10. Wavatar BillTheRelic Says:

    Yeah It Is truly Is Awesome Moment! Plus there is more to come. Bill(pa)


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