The Coin Of Change

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12 Responses to “The Coin Of Change”

  1. Wavatar horsesflu Says:

    Wow, the net works fast!

    I just watched this on TV the other day while stoned and channel surfing. It’s awesome that it’s here, but for the full ‘ohh shit’ experience, you need to stumble across this at 2 am on the box


  2. Wavatar xtravaluemeal Says:

    It’s always 2AM somewhere.


  3. Wavatar lucienpsinger Says:

    Demand is indeed limited.


  4. Wavatar mtgentry Says:

    This is nothing more than capitalizing on an historic event.


  5. Wavatar deadpixel001 Says:

    pure crap… don’t buy this junk. it’s worth LESS then it’s face value!

    these guys have ripped off thousands of people


  6. Wavatar manicmarauder Says:

    Ha! Keep it in the packaging indeed, even better ‘keep it in the packaging it came in’. That way you can’t even see it’s just a sticker.


  7. Wavatar Craigbe Says:

    Just like the man himself……
    Shiny on the outside, but a FRAUD!


  8. Wavatar headbone3232 Says:

    This settles it…here’s your ‘change


  9. Wavatar EncompassedRunner Says:

    Bummer, doesn’t show my favorite part of infomercial (I might be confusing it with a Montel commercial for an Obama plate): large screen shot of Obama with this unmistakable halo glow aura thing going, lol. Figures, Montel has occultist Sylvia Brown as regular on show, plus in other YTube vid Montel says he knows 99% more than others about Islam & “Islam is…based on love & based on understanding”…what a riot.


  10. Wavatar misterwipedown Says:



  11. Wavatar ZX2ManDave Says:

    Sorry but i cant afford Obamas Change, even if his face is on the coins.


  12. Wavatar Jobeykobra Says:

    I support Obama, but this is just stupid.


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