1896 Indian Wheat Penny

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Most of these are quite in demand anymore. Some collectors prefer to proudly showcase their coins in archival folders, while others like airtight capsules, or mylar-lined carboard. Whatever you do, don't store yours in the PVC flips you often see on the marketplace. They are comprised of PVC which decomposes in time and destroys the piece it was intended to preserve. In the event you acquire a coin already within such a sleeve, move it as soon as possible to a better storage medium. You may consider acetate flips, but realize that they are hard and might scratch the piece if it is not inserted and taken out with care. Although they are not airtight, they're alternatives for moderate priced coins that will be "left alone" for many a long time.

This is certain: regardless of how you choose to keep your coins, it will forever a source of permanent pride.

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