1921 One Dollar

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Lots of these are quite popular nowadays. Some collectors opt to proudly display their coins in archival folders, while others prefer air-tight capsules, or mylar-lined 2x2's. Whatever you do, do not store yours in the soft flips you often see in the market. They are made from PVC which decomposes over time and ruins the coin it was to protect. Should you purchase coins already within one of these, move it as soon as possible to a better storage medium. You may consider acetate flips, but realize that they are brittle and may scuff the coin if isn't placed and taken out with care. While they are not air-tight, they're choices for moderate value coins that will be "left alone" for numerous a long time.

This is certain: regardless of where you decide to keep your coins, it'll always a source of never-ending pride.

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