Selling Your Coin Collection

There are so many people who pursue the hobby of collecting currency – coins & money. They do is out of different reasons. Some just do it for fun; some do it very seriously, as they expect to make money out of it. When people are very clear about why they are collecting money or coins the things are relatively simpler.

May be one is just born in an environment where information regarding the sales and purchase of the coin & money collection is available. On the contrary there are people who just collect coins & money for pure fun, its noting more then a hobby. However, at any point in case they want to sell off their coin & money collection they just don’t know where to go. Their collection may be worth many folds as compared to the prices they could manage by themselves because of the limited information available.

To start with lets understand what is that would fetch you bugs against your coin and money collection. If you collection includes-
•    Paper money & coins circulation of which is ceased
•    Prized collector’s paper money & coins
•    Coins & paper money that is graded and authenticated
•    Old & antique coins
•    Coins from round the world
•    Minting errors that are uniquely found on the coins

Your coin & money collection could be sold all by yourself by using any of the various ways listed below: –

1.    Local Coin Club could be visited. American Numismatic Association provided a list of local coin clubs that could be approached for the purpose. They would charge a nominal fee in lieu of the services that they provide. Depending upon the rules of the local coin club, they would have weekly or month meetings. In such meetings the coin & money collectors not only show off their collection but could exchange or sell the coins & money collect that one has.

2.    Coins Shows should be attended. The schedule of such coins shows are easily available over the internet, one needs to get online and hunt for them. Some of the coins shows would have a nominal fee and the others might not charge any thing. You must know the worth your coin & money collection and must have an idea of the price tag that you would like on your collection.

3.    List the details of your coin & money collection on the websites that offer selling services. Ensure for the best prices put a picture to attract customers.

4.    Auction Houses is another option. However this option could be explore only when you sure about the coin & money collection that you have. Only when you have one of its kind coins or money notes and you are very sure of its authentication you should go for this option. But one thing is for sure, if the collection that you have is worth - auction houses are the best place to cash your coin & money treasure.

Depending upon the collection explore any of the options stated above.

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