Re: My Coin Collection Part 1: Pennies

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7 Responses to “Re: My Coin Collection Part 1: Pennies”

  1. Wavatar Elfinesmom Says:

    You know whats funny? Just a couple weeks ago at my University (It’s a Christian Uni), we had a Biblical Archeologist and he had alot of artifacts (mostly old texts. First Edition King James Bibles and First Edition Tynsdale). Well, the FUNNY part is he had some coins from Jesus time. They were the SAME currency that were paid to Judas for betraying Jesus. I have pictures.


  2. Wavatar mrdeleted Says:

    Interesting. A collection coins from that era would be nice to see. My mom got this one when she was doing laundry and it fell out of a pocket, and she had no idea where it came from!


  3. Wavatar busygirl0219 Says:

    Would love to see it. Don’t sell it to just anyone, if that’s what you plan to do. Get several bids from big collectors first. Live well and prosper.


  4. Wavatar creamofcardstv Says:

    Hi mrdeleted, Great vid and I’ve rated it as five stars. I’ve created a new video clip: “What Do You collect?”. I want to bring lots of different collectors together. Please choose one of your favorite collectible/memorabilia related vids and post it as a response to my collecting video, thank you.


  5. Wavatar mrdeleted Says:

    ok done


  6. Wavatar jmosher4 Says:

    is she alive


  7. Wavatar mrdeleted Says:

    Who> my mother? yes


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