Precautions on Buying Gold Coin in Raw form Part1

Stay updated with all the latest US rare coins news and listings by subscribing to our RSS feed and bookmarking us. Now, on to the video...I discuss the prevention of loss of money in buying pre-1933 US Gold Coins in the raw form. I explain why it's recommended throughout the Numismatic Community why you should only buy pre-1933 Gold Coins that were struck for circulation and have been graded by reputable 3rd party grading companys. ...Check back tomorrow for more us rare coin info and the latest old US coin listings in our coin shop.

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13 Responses to “Precautions on Buying Gold Coin in Raw form Part1”

  1. Wavatar madcatzy Says:

    Thanks for the information Sir


  2. Wavatar Jimenian Says:

    The information on this video is very valuable.
    Thank you!


  3. Wavatar Fluffie14 Says:

    yes a new video and its on gold


  4. Wavatar SouthernLibertyAmer Says:

    Hi fluffie! Thanks for watching!


  5. Wavatar Quannah08 Says:

    The slab I had was a glued and I opened it. It’s 10 Double eagle. But yeah it is heavy though. I just but my a coin from the link you gave me. I love it. This is your Navajo brother. Thank you. So should I get a new cover(placticing) PCGS. I’m looking for the good grade. later brother. Gold Fever.


  6. Wavatar SouthernLibertyAmer Says:

    Tell me more. Which coin is the $10 gold eagle? What slab did you bust it out of? Is this coin the one you purchased from coastcoin? I’m trying to figure out what you bought. It sounds like you have 2 coins now. Am I right? What year was the coin struck? Now that you’ve got the fever….there’s no cure LOL!

    Your Navajo Brother


  7. Wavatar Quannah08 Says:

    I had a PCS slab it might be PGS slab but I was curious so I opened it, but yeah it was the real one.
    It was a 10 dollar piece, I got that one here in Frico. And the other one I got was a Australia Foreign Gold Gem Proof 2000
    $5 Kangaroo. AGW=.05 oz. For starts eventually I’ll be getting good and by the time I hit retirement I’ll be secure not running around with my head cut off like a chicken. also go a chinese silver,both were$80′s…over and out from the Little Navajo man from sf.


  8. Wavatar SouthernLibertyAmer Says:

    I hope it was’nt a PCGS! From now on don’t be too curious lol. I’m hoping that you have’nt touched the coin with your bare fingers. This will get your body oils on the coin. What year exactly is the $10.00 gold coin? It’s nice that you have’nt got to purchase large coins to get gold huh? So gold coins on that site are priced around $50.00 for smaller coins. Good luck in your buying!



  9. Wavatar Quannah08 Says:

    It was a PGS and had scratches on it. 1881. I got it for 545 dollars.


  10. Wavatar bassmeister11 Says:

    Is this guy on qualudes or what ?


  11. Wavatar SouthernLibertyAmer Says:

    What does qualudes have to do with this video?


  12. Wavatar SouthernLibertyAmer Says:

    Oh I see……it’s more than clear after looking at your profile page LOL!


  13. Wavatar cds162 Says:

    actually saw a 1/4 gold coin ALMOST cut in 2.. yeah.. the coin shop said the guy who “bought it” did not believe it was real gold.. not sure what cutting it in 2 would do to prove it… i didn’t buy it.. went back a week later it was gone.. i guess someone wonted it.. (no me)


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