Numismatics How to Tell What Makes A Coin Valuable

Stay updated with all the latest US rare coins news and listings by subscribing to our RSS feed and bookmarking us. Now, on to the Numismatics How to Tell What Makes A Coin Valuable for Coin Collecting Rare Coins Gold Coins Old Coins US Coins Foreign Coins people often ask me, what makes a coin valuable? the first thing is rarity. generally speaking, the rarer the coin, the more valuable. the second thing is the condition or what we call the grade of a coin. the higher the grade, the better the condition, the more valuable. the third is consumer demand. if a coin is rare but nobody wants it, the price ... ...Check back tomorrow for more old us coin info and the latest old US coin listings in our coin shop.

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3 Responses to “Numismatics How to Tell What Makes A Coin Valuable”

  1. Wavatar era1980 Says:

    ads not for me


  2. Wavatar captiontexas Says:

    i have an 1870 cc $20 gold peice in G4 codition whats it’s worth.


  3. Wavatar Daniyoyo Says:

    im all about bullion, not so much what and how it look like. .999 maple leaf all the way!


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