Numis Network- A New Way to Collecting Coins

Numis Network introduces a new approach to network marketing by investing in graded silver and gold coins. This program was launched August of 2009 but is already attracting top players of the industry. How does Numis Network work?

How Numis Network performs actually depends on its leadership to attract people to venture into retail of this product and their ability to recruit others to join in the program.

It is the ultimate mission of the company to bring in more wealth to families by collecting Numismatic coins. These are the most sought after rare coins which may date back from the Roman Empire to the recent ones released by the different government mints of the world like Australia, China, Canada, Austria and the United States.

These coins come with MS70 certification issued by coin grading institutions like the PCGS, NGC, and the ANACS.  This is the highest coin certification, which makes this program a numismatic business rather than a precious metal investment.

The binary compensation of The Numis Network is an easy and powerful structure characterized by a right and left leg, the Enroller and the Sponsor.  The enroller introduces the ICR or the Independent Collector Representative while the Sponsor takes the upline ICR position in the organization.

Under the ICR position, it can only sponsor two ICRs more although there is no limit to the number of ICRs your upline or downline can enroll.  This allows control over your team and encourages new ICRS enrolled to your upline to spread out into your downline.

The ICR is paid depending on the amount of volume produced by each leg achieved by infinite level down. In this case, if your weak leg has a Bonus Volume (BV) of $300, you get yourself $30 as a bonus.

There are different levels on this program: the Collector, 1 Star, 2 Star, 3 Star and 4 Star. An expansion of your downline would entitle you for advancement in rank and to be rewarded on subsequent generations. A 4 star rank would require a 120 per month personal volume order and 12 personal ICR enrollments.

This is indeed a unique concept of investing on monthly purchases through autoship with both investment and inherent importance. For the moment, these gold and silver coins continue to improve their value.

Thus, coin collecting through the Numis Network provides a good opportunity for people wanting to invest in networking.  With a perfect plan, accomplished by a firm system and various streams of profits, you would only need training and a killer marketing tactic to strengthen your success ten fold.

Joining the right team in any network marketing company is probably one of the most important things to becoming successful. You must have an upline that has a system in place that can be easily replicated to everyone in the downline.

Our team has everything that you need to succeed if you do decide to join the Numis Network. We have systems in place, team coaching calls, team community, as well as million dollar earners that will help you close your warm leads.

Learn how you can partner up with the fastest growing team in the Numis Network and receive free trainer from top-level millionaire earning Internet Marketers.

Do you still have a couple more questions that you need answered? If you don't see the value of collecting numismatic coins as assets while building a residual income off of the people you refer to the business, than checkout my extensive numismatic coin review.

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