my old coin collection

Stay updated with all the latest US rare coins news and listings by subscribing to our RSS feed and bookmarking us. Now, on to the video...old coins i have in my collection US and Forieng ...Check back tomorrow for more old us coin info and the latest old US coin listings in our coin shop.

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17 Responses to “my old coin collection”

  1. Wavatar tetrafin123ft Says:

    Almost all of these coins are’nt worth anything.
    But I guess it is a good start for your age.
    and my advise is collect us coins.
    not foreign because thouse countries dont vaule their coins when they age.


  2. Wavatar teir525 Says:

    alright you are maybe retarded lol sorry but you dont know where an elizabeth penny is from


  3. Wavatar twitchmn Says:

    yea i know that now thats all i collect now


  4. Wavatar qbkiller67 Says:

    my oldest coin is a 1928 weat penny, but i got a 1906 indian head penny for 2 dollars… i dont care how much it was but i miss it. and my grandpa gave me a 1937 buffalo nickel and my mother found me another one but i dont know the date(bad shape)


  5. Wavatar twitchmn Says:

    thats pretty cool if you want a 1906 indian head penny look and see if you have a local coin delear that sells them cheap thats what i do.


  6. Wavatar sevendust0706 Says:

    nice! i have a 1804 mexican coin.


  7. Wavatar narutocats Says:

    my oldest coin is a indian head 1864!


  8. Wavatar qbkiller67 Says:

    does anybody have a franklin half dollar? im looking for any date but in decent condition


  9. Wavatar narutocats Says:

    actually ’63 and no sorry i don’t have 1 of those


  10. Wavatar situpking Says:

    nothing hard to get here. I have coins from 1754 to date and deal with coins that are worth lots of mony. All of these are commons and we find them in change.


  11. Wavatar twitchmn Says:

    ok this old when i first started in coin collecting i have old valuable coins to like an 1893 issabella in xf condition


  12. Wavatar meterdetecting Says:

    coins are amazing


  13. Wavatar Degyzon Says:

    Check the date on your 1942 mercury dime carefully. That year some were made with a date that makes the 2 look like it is over a 1 so it looks like 19412. with the 2 almost right over the 1. It is worth a lot more.


  14. Wavatar teoteagueosborne Says:

    i got a 1921 silver&nickle american dollar


  15. Wavatar teoteagueosborne Says:

    i got a few JFK half dollar coins


  16. Wavatar kfrogs13lover Says:

    i have a 1956 its MS60


  17. Wavatar Virus10100 Says:

    Nice collection but get better camera and keep them in folders and cases.

    good job


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