my coin collection pt. 9

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8 Responses to “my coin collection pt. 9”

  1. Wavatar JRHulbret Says:

    Interesting funny money. I once saw a 22 dollar bill.


  2. Wavatar bmdmaloclm Says:

    Thats to funny


  3. Wavatar JRHulbret Says:

    It must have been a decade ago. Funny the things you remember.
    Did you ever see the crisp one dollar bills at christmas time with A sticker of santa on them for like 2 dollars a piece for charity?


  4. Wavatar bmdmaloclm Says:

    no I don’t think so


  5. Wavatar JRHulbret Says:

    They used to do them years ago. I think the red cross. Reminds me of those notes.


  6. Wavatar Jeff98177 Says:

    When they first started redesigning the currency, I started saving as much of the old stuff as I could afford to. I have over 100 of the old “small head” 5 dollar bills and lots of the other “small head” bills.


  7. Wavatar bmdmaloclm Says:

    Yes it is interesting a coins life span is 30+ years but a dollar bill is only 22 months.


  8. Wavatar 909512b Says:

    Cleveland was a US President, he was on the $1000 bill & McKinley was on the $500 bill, both of which aren’t in circulation anymore


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