My coin collection pt. 4

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3 Responses to “My coin collection pt. 4”

  1. Wavatar 909512b Says:

    If you paid $1 for your mercury dimes, 5 years ago, you over paid by about 75 cents…each, but the good thing is, they’re currently worth about $1.30 each now, a smart move for you now would to put all you could into 90% silver coins, wish I would’ve when I was your age, I’d be rather wealthy now….


  2. Wavatar bmdmaloclm Says:

    thanks for the advise. All ready started. silver is now $18 an ounce


  3. Wavatar SouthernLibertyAmer Says:

    Yep….and in 1970 you could buy a gallon of gas with 3 dimes…with the 3 dimes today, the value of 1.30 a piece will still buy you a gallon of gas. Buy physical silver people.


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