My coin collection pt. 13

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7 Responses to “My coin collection pt. 13”

  1. Wavatar JRHulbret Says:

    If you look under the signatures on any bill you’ll see they are(or were at the time) US treasurer and secretary of the US treasurer authorizing them to be federal notes. Some treasurers and secretarys time in their office were very brief, whcich makes the note rarer and more valueable.


  2. Wavatar SouthernLibertyAmer Says:

    In reference to your $1.00 Silver Certificate. Look at the bottom of the front of your certificate and you’ll notice that during those times up until 1963 you could take that certificate to the bank and was guaranteed $1.00 in silver. Today you redeem a Federal Reserve Note at the bank and get junk alloys LOL! What we have now is what you call Fiat Money. Google “Federal Reserve is a Fraud”. By the way I see your an avid collector. Keep up the hobby, and buy pysical silver. Buy it while u can.


  3. Wavatar bmdmaloclm Says:



  4. Wavatar Metalhead334567 Says:

    that 1938 nickel wasent durring world war two but 1938 was the first year that the jeferson head nickel was mad e take care of that


  5. Wavatar HackingKids Says:

    Ausome collection. How long have you been collecting coins, dollars and silver cirtificates?


  6. Wavatar bmdmaloclm Says:

    on and off for 7 years now


  7. Wavatar 4guiseppi Says:

    I have two bar dollars, it ends up that they aren’t that valuble becasue it ends up that a lot were made,one is in extremely fine condition and the other is in good condition.


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