My Coin Collection Part 7: Dollars

Stay updated with all the latest US rare coins news and listings by subscribing to our RSS feed and bookmarking us. Now, on to the video...This is me covering US dollar coins. Sorry I don't spend as much time covering the coins as I have in past coin video's. ...Check back tomorrow for more us rare coin info and the latest old US coin listings in our coin shop.

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25 Responses to “My Coin Collection Part 7: Dollars”

  1. Wavatar pachebelscanon Says:

    the only presidential dollars i have are a james monroe and a john quincy adams. one i found ( in superb condition!!!!!!) and one given to me.

    where can i find presidential dollar coins without having to pay so much like on ebay??????????????????????


  2. Wavatar amb1273 Says:

    Go to any of your local coin dealers. They all have the Presidential Dollars you need to fill your gaps.


  3. Wavatar SNAZ101 Says:

    Is it a peace Dollar or a morgan?
    That makes all the difference.


  4. Wavatar notbryanB Says:

    i got thomas Jefferson and well straight from us mint is 15 dollars


  5. Wavatar semperfi554 Says:

    You can get them at your local coin dealer or you can get them at the bank. The ones in the bank are in very good shape and you only pay face value for them.


  6. Wavatar 4guiseppi Says:

    I found four presidential dollars in circulation.


  7. Wavatar crazysk8erkid96 Says:

    i have a morgan dollar dating back to the 1880′s… is it worth much? i mean its very sentimental so i wouldnt sell it. by the way, do you have a way to clean coins and make them shine again? i was wondering because i have a few presidential coins that might need it… and a sakagewia coins also… any advice?


  8. Wavatar iamjonthegreat Says:

    you didnt bore me, it was pretty intersting honestly..


  9. Wavatar teoteagueosborne Says:

    i got 1921 morgan dollar u scared the piss out of me when u said it was rare


  10. Wavatar acc9797 Says:

    Pretty hefty collection. I have 2 silver bullion, 3 eisenhower w/ liberty bell and moon, and a 1934 peace dollar. Keep it up!


  11. Wavatar 909512b Says:

    is that a chicken on the back of that peace dollar?


  12. Wavatar FartherAway420 Says:

    Sorry, Part 8 won’t be coming out. I have recently sold off my coin collection with only a little left to part with. The money I have made off the coins I have been throwing into my snake breeding.


  13. Wavatar pachebelscanon Says:

    my morgan dollar was my first coin

    check out my videos if you like


  14. Wavatar hoodyz13 Says:

    how much did you sale it for??


  15. Wavatar FartherAway420 Says:

    Once the last of it is sold, about $3000.


  16. Wavatar poewe444 Says:

    does anyone know what the mexican coin that looks like a canadian twoonie is called?( it shows a man on one side, and an eagle on the other. it also says $5. ) i got one from my friend that was in mexico there a couple of days ago and im curious.: p


  17. Wavatar Tagus1980 Says:

    ok cool


  18. Wavatar morgandollarman Says:

    Selling off your whole collection ehhHH?

    Many of my coin friends have done that, only to find themselves, back into the hobby

    You’ll get back into it :) LOL


  19. Wavatar FartherAway420 Says:

    I’m not selling off my wheat pennies and will continue to collect them, but that’s about it.


  20. Wavatar ivan54h Says:

    its pretty cool!i wish i had these,,,,were u get them?


  21. Wavatar FartherAway420 Says:

    Many places. Ebay is the place with the most though. But most of mine came through circulation.


  22. Wavatar jamzycfc Says:

    where can you get wheat pennies?

    im from the UK btw


  23. Wavatar uchiha217 Says:

    i have one like the first one but its john adams


  24. Wavatar GypsyThugTx Says:

    i got 8 0r 9 peace dollars and 3 morgan silver dollars


  25. Wavatar wntmlk Says:

    my grandma and grandpa have hundreds of morgan and peace dollar coins


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