Metal Detecting- Research and Recovery – Episode 5: Unexpected Finds! Part 1

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18 Responses to “Metal Detecting- Research and Recovery – Episode 5: Unexpected Finds! Part 1”

  1. Wavatar Avesfox Says:

    I had no idea that bottles would be considered a ‘find’ seems I need to learn a bit more about treasure hunting.

    How much would a good old bottle be worth anyway?


  2. Wavatar ResearchandRecovery Says:

    Bottles can range in price. There are some very rare ones that can be worth a ton. While the ones I found in the video aren’t that rare, it’s the thrill of finding some bottles that are older than I am.

    This was my first attempt at digging bottles and I had came unprepared to dig; a relic digging shovel which was way too big and a small, cheap garden rake that I just happened to have in my pack.

    Take a gander out in the woods sometime. No telling what you’ll find!



  3. Wavatar Avesfox Says:

    true. It almost tempts me to get off me lazy bum and pull out my cheap old metal detector. last trip I made, the park was loaded with iron parts from an old well system.

    Once while out for a hike, I met this old fellow who was out hunting, he found an old fork. Didn’t look like anything from this century. Was a brilliant find indeed.


  4. Wavatar mewithoutYou52 Says:

    Good episode. Can’t wait to see what you find with your detector. What was the circa on those bottles/wrench?


  5. Wavatar ResearchandRecovery Says:

    Thanks man. I was a little upset that I didn’t have any other shots other than the POV shots.

    I’ve done some research on the bottles, which will be included on Part 2. Most of the bottles turned out to be ketchup bottles that were made in the 1940-50s.

    I’m not sure about the wrench. It may be a little to hard to date is it’s all rusted…


  6. Wavatar ResearchandRecovery Says:

    I can’t wait to get the detector out there. I’m having to grid out sections, remove the glass and trash from each section, then I’ll be able to get to the good stuff.

    One find from this last trip was a green “Columbia, S.C. G and W Pale Dry Ginger Ale” bottle and was distributed through “Big Boy Bottling Co.” I’m still trying to research this one so that I can add that in on Part 2!



  7. Wavatar maverick50616 Says:

    great finds


  8. Wavatar dawnrun911 Says:

    I think there is still some liquor in the liquor bottle.


  9. Wavatar dragonmybutt Says:

    are thae all pop tops


  10. Wavatar ResearchandRecovery Says:


    Turns out that most of them were 1930s-40s Ketchup bottles. There were a few broken shards of bottles that looked a little older. I have to wait until next fall, it’s really thick in there now!


  11. Wavatar Abraxaslotus Says:

    I go out in the woods of Maryland all the time and dig up bottles that go back 100-120 years. About 2 months ago I ended up with a old champagne bottle with a really cool bearded man embossed on it. Also found some old tonic bottles. I’ve had good times keeping my self occupied in the winter months doing this :)


  12. Wavatar Musicmanray Says:

    This brought back memories from the early 80′s when me and grandpa useta come across places while coon hunting and would go back during the day to dig for bottles in old dumps,the last time we was out i found an aluminum licence plate on 1 side of the dumb and grandpa said keep digging you might find the other and sure enough i did.Back in the 70′s bottle diggin was really popular and there was a many $200.00-$500.00 ones found.


  13. Wavatar Musicmanray Says:

    If the seam going up the bottle stops half way up then its pre 1900 and after 1900 the seam runs all the way up to the top, + The older you get the more imperfection’s they seem to have,bubbles in glass and the neck seems bent or distorted.One time an elderly woman paid me to clean out her basement,i found a odd bottle that said(doctor chandlers jamaican ginger root bitters)I couldnt wait to get to the libary and look it up,it said 400-800.00! But sadly it was a copy of the original :( Good luck


  14. Wavatar Musicmanray Says:

    Neat! Theres more utube video’s search> (bottle digging) There doing some old sites.


  15. Wavatar martinsuper73 Says:

    I am starting this hobby with a BIG project. I just recieved permission to detect an area that used to be a town, but is now just a corn field.

    I have exclusive permission to be out there. I’ll probably make this adventure into a youtube video.


  16. Wavatar cessnaoneeightytwo Says:

    piece of metal at 3:43. it was a coil to a car


  17. Wavatar SouthernLibertyAmer Says:

    LOLLOLOLOLOLOL! Exactly what I thought they were! I swear! Ketsup bottles. LOL!


  18. Wavatar jmikeslater Says:

    I mean, thats a awesome find! I mean, finding all those old 57 bottles in one spot. I mean, there had to be a dinner or something using it as a dump. C’mon, I mean you had like 6 or 7 of them. AWESOME!


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