Metal Detecting- Research and Recovery – Episode 4: Coins and Relics

Stay updated with all the latest US rare coins news and listings by subscribing to our RSS feed and bookmarking us. Now, on to the video...We're in Columbia, SC searching for old coins and then we're off to Tennessee for the Civil War Relics! Research and Recovery We're advocates to the proper search methods of the hobby. Along with recovering history, we strive to preserve all artifacts for future generations. You may see us finding Civil War Relics, Native American Artifacts, Old Silver Coins, or even Fossils out on the beach. Wherever you may find us, you'll definitely in store for a great show! We use White's MXT Metal ... ...Check back tomorrow for more old us coin info and the latest old US coin listings in our coin shop.

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21 Responses to “Metal Detecting- Research and Recovery – Episode 4: Coins and Relics”

  1. Wavatar ncnikonguy Says:

    Nice finds guys, I just hunted an old CW site and found a couple of old tent pegs,bullets and a haversack buckle..the ground is like powder, even 8 inches down…thanks for the video and Happy Hunting


  2. Wavatar dfxjedi Says:

    Hey,why don’t you check the hole again once you find the target,there could be annother target there.
    That’s something I always do,because there’s been a lot of times that I thought i found everything,but i scaned the hole again and there was something else there.


  3. Wavatar ResearchandRecovery Says:

    That’s a very good tip for everyone. When I film footage for the show, I check the hole after I have filled it in when the camera is off to be sure.

    I may think about adding this portion into my technique of detecting and filming.



  4. Wavatar tinky2021 Says:

    Hey…..! Arn’t you SouthCarolionaTeacher! Love all of your videos! Congrats on the finds!


  5. Wavatar ResearchandRecovery Says:

    That’d be me! No longer a teacher though.. :)


  6. Wavatar SCdigger Says:

    Great job Ian! Well thought out and executed. Ya’ gettin’ it now!



  7. Wavatar ResearchandRecovery Says:

    Thanks Man! I can’t wait for your DIV Footage! :)


  8. Wavatar tinky2021 Says:

    What do you do now?


  9. Wavatar Giant056 Says:

    Great Job Ian, I gave you a 5 star on this, fantastic video!!!!!


  10. Wavatar tinky2021 Says:

    Hi! What setting were you using on your XLT? Mine dosen’t make that noise.


  11. Wavatar ResearchandRecovery Says:

    By noise, what exactly are you talking about? There is the multi tones when in search mode and then the pinpointing mode.

    In your settings, “TONE ID” will give you lower sounds for iron and higher sounds for anything on the + side of the VDI.

    “VCO” will give you the pinpointing sound where it gets higher as you get closer to the target.

    Hope this helps!


  12. Wavatar maverick50616 Says:

    great stuff, hope you post much more


  13. Wavatar ksrandy07 Says:

    Great videos! Keep em commimg


  14. Wavatar JUMONG2ND Says:

    i think he just put it there alrdy but great video


  15. Wavatar MUDSWAT Says:

    That was one of the better metal detecting videos I have seen on Youtube thank you for making it and posting it.

    Keep @ it and HH!!


  16. Wavatar UncleVinnys Says:

    Good show, but I would NEVER reach into a hole, even with gloves on your hands – - too many cuts and punctures!


  17. Wavatar lcpm1956 Says:

    Good job.


  18. Wavatar Vespasian12345 Says:



  19. Wavatar GreenMeanie2007 Says:

    the librarian shouldn’t be giving you permission she doesn’t own that land.


  20. Wavatar ResearchandRecovery Says:

    She doesn’t? Her home is built on it. She has it fenced off as a ‘backyard’. The GIS Data shows it’s hers.

    Crap, I could have sworn she owned it. Damn.

    Seriously, before you post an ignorant comment, maybe you should think about what you’re posting.


  21. Wavatar CynthiaRae1 Says:

    I think i saw the guy in this video on and interview about that huge treasure that odyssee found.

    How much do one of those things cost? The metal detecter things, lol.


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