Metal Detecting- Research and Recovery – Episode 3: Club Hunt at Old Church

Stay updated with all the latest US rare coins news and listings by subscribing to our RSS feed and bookmarking us. Now, on to the video...The MDAC's Club Hunt was held on 8-15-07 near the borders of N. and S. Carolina. We hunted a very old church dating back to the early 1800s. We also pulled some decent finds such as Civil War relics and old Coins! Research and Recovery We're advocates to the proper search methods of the hobby. Along with recovering history, we strive to preserve all artifacts for future generations. You may see us finding Civil War Relics, Native American Artifacts, Old Silver Coins, or even Fossils out on ... ...Check back tomorrow for more old us coin info and the latest old US coin listings in our coin shop.

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5 Responses to “Metal Detecting- Research and Recovery – Episode 3: Club Hunt at Old Church”

  1. Wavatar dfxjedi Says:

    Nice vid,didn’t really like the music too much,but I can handle it for a couple of mins.
    Is there a certain brand of detector,that most members use,or just all mixed up?
    I personally use a whites dfx and have found a lot of coins,but nothing old yet.


  2. Wavatar f2powner Says:

    minelab explorers, and fisher detectors are really good


  3. Wavatar f2powner Says:

    bounty hunters, also a good cheap fast and efficent brand


  4. Wavatar isp2258 Says:

    dfx user also.


  5. Wavatar kokokoiy Says:

    would help if you showed recovering a find


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