John Franklin – Morgan Silver Dollar

Stay updated with all the latest US rare coins news and listings by subscribing to our RSS feed and bookmarking us. Now, on to the video...1904, and again in 1921, the Liberty Head (Morgan) Dollar is the most collected US coin. More than half a billion were minted, but over 270 million of those were melted by the US Govt. after 1918. The 1878-P Proof is considered the King of the Morgans, because of the 880 proof coins minted that year, only about 80 have been accounted for. The coin derives its nickname from the man who designed it George T. Morgan. ... "Morgan Dollar" "silver dollar" silver "rare coins" ebay "Liberty Head ... ...Check back tomorrow for more us rare coin info and the latest old US coin listings in our coin shop.

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2 Responses to “John Franklin – Morgan Silver Dollar”

  1. Wavatar bushwood99 Says:

    Several interesting tidbits of history surrounding the Morgan dollar that I didn’t know before.


  2. Wavatar sleepmart123 Says:

    I have a few of these and I let my kids play with them. They aren’t in very good condition (the coins, not the kids), so the kids use them as play money. They have fun with them and now maybe I can teach them a little about them. Thanks!


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