How to start a coin collection without breaking your bank

The hobby of coin collecting is unlike any other hobby. It is an entertaining past time that millions of people around the world enjoy. When your collection grows, you start to discover that there is a story behind each and every coin. Special coins can take you on a special tour through the past and provide you with better understanding of our history. Other coins tell you the journey they’ve been through. But most off all you can enjoy wonderful memories and have a legacy that lasts generations to come.

If you’d like to get into the coin collecting business there are a few things you should know - that’s why we’ve got this list together so you can have an easy start.


  1. Which coins you would like to collect? There are many and many different types of coins from all over the world and from different time frames. It’s better for you to start by focusing on a theme that interests you most. You can collect coins by years or by countries. You can collect themed coins like coins that depict your hero or a subject you’re interested in, like nature or airplanes.
  2. Start with collecting coins that are available or in circulation and see if you like it. Collect the State quarters or ask from friends that travel abroad to bring you back some coins. This is an exciting and inexpensive way to start a coin collection.
  3. If you see that coin collecting is your calling, start with doing some homework. You can find information online or in various magazines about coins and professional collectors.
  4. Get a protective album or book where you can safely store your coin collection. These albums are great when you want to display your collection and they also keep the coins protected.
  5. Finish a set before moving on to the next. Once you start a collection, you can get easily tempted to get other coins and different themes. When you finish a set, it makes it easier to have an organized and valuable collection.
  6. When your coin collection starts to gain scope and value, you should think about safe storage. Buy or rent a safe because coin collections are the first thing thieves are looking for. If you don’t have a safe, make sure that the collection is kept in a well hidden place, and not displayed around the house.

Another benefit of collecting coins is the fact that it can become pretty valuable with time. Try and work with metals that will rise in value like silver and gold but don’t go over the top. It takes time for your collection to gain value and in the meanwhile you should know your budget.

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