How to Get Your Coins Professionally Certified and Graded

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How to Get Your Coins Professionally Certified and Graded

By Robert L Taylor, JD

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Dispite the cost and procedure of getting your coin slabbed by a professional certification (authenticity) and grading company, which inhibits and prevents many people from having it done, a professional grade is beneficial for many reasons, the primary of which is that it helps you sell your coin when you want to upgrade or liquidate.  Upgrading one’s collection is a constant process, and therefore involves selling a coin to buy another similar one in a higher grade.  Collectors are constantly upgrading their collections, and this involves selling one coin in order to buy another of higher value and grade.  Selling a coin is enhanced by having that coin professionally certified and graded, or commonly called “slabbed”.  It is the reliability and certainity of this determination that “makes the sale” in most cases.  Dwindling are the days when raw coins are sent through the mail on approval, only to have the coin returned as being unacceptable.  Savvy buyers of high grade coin collections, look first for certainty and assurance of grade, preferably a professional grade.  Collectors of street coins are rarely as concerned.

Another important reason for having your coins professionally certified and graded is an assessment of the value of your collection.  It is always important to place a value on one’s coin collection.  If this valuation is solely based upon one’s personal assessment, then the valuation is based on uncertainty and question.  Raw coins have always been the stalwart of coin collections.  However with the addition of the highly attractive internet sales venue, and desirability for certainty on grade, selling your coin has increased a hundred fold.  One needs only provide a coin with a reliable grade, and put it on the Internet market for sale.  A reliable grade is produced by one of the top four professional grading companies, and it adds value to your coin.  Reliability is in the mind of the buyer.  Your personal assessment is of little value to the discerning buyer.

Conquering this reliability barrier is not difficult.  Two of the professional grading companies, PCGS ( and NGC (, normally require a minimum fee to join, which is often coupled with reimbursement and credit advantages to joining, but which usually only apply the first year.  For longer term submissions, desired by most collectors, arrangements for non-fee memberships are available with ANACS and ICG.  Just submit your order with no fee required.  Order forms are available on line, by telephone, and email.  These two companies seem to enjoy the most popular choices among buyers.

The most intriguing professional grader is NGC, which provides for membership privileges for existing members of the ANA (American Numismatist Association,(  If you are a member of the ANA (, then you are eligible to use the grading services of the NGC with out having to join NGC first.  The fee to join the ANA is less than the fee to join NGC, but the submission privileges are the same.  One may request a “Submission Kit/Package” from NGC, or just go on line for an Order Form, which can be used, and filled out (also on line) and submitted after printing, with your coins.  It is a simple and easy process.  The only thing needed is the ANA member number, and clicking on the right box.

  1. A professionally certified and graded coin is always worth more, in the market place, than the same coin raw.

Regardless of when and how you get your coins certified and graded, it is well worth the cost and effort that it brings in personal relief, more certainty of the value of your collection, and in higher sales prices for coins you sell to upgrade and liquidate - on line or in person.

Happy Collecting,

Robert L Taylor, JD

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Robert Taylor is a retired Lawyer, from Denver, CO, who has had a passion for collecting US coins. To share his Passion, he made available The Perfect Coin which features US Rare and Modern Coins (from 1960) and made available Perfect Dollar Coins featuring US Dollar Coins (from 1878), all Certified and Graded by NGC, PCGS, ICG and ANACS.

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