Diggin History #1 – 3/30/08 Old Boy Scout camp in Chicago

Stay updated with all the latest US rare coins news and listings by subscribing to our RSS feed and bookmarking us. Now, on to the video...A group of us from "TreasureNet" went out to this site last weekend. I have never been there before so I was excited to go!!! The place opened in our best guesses in the 20's and closed in the 60's. The foundations and fire pits are still there, but its all overgrown with trees and tall grass. I just started metal detecting on March 8th and so far I only went to tot lots and schools. I did find a 18kt mans wedding band on my 2nd hunt and a small 10kt gold earing, and worth in clad coins ... ...Check back tomorrow for more old us coin info and the latest old US coin listings in our coin shop.

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9 Responses to “Diggin History #1 – 3/30/08 Old Boy Scout camp in Chicago”

  1. Wavatar theogger Says:

    Nice finds!!!


  2. Wavatar coinshooter Says:

    Great finds TreasureFiend. That Statue of Liberty was older than I had thought. Congrats on the finds. Pete in MI


  3. Wavatar Wezzie20082008 Says:

    Good job on the video. Great finds!


  4. Wavatar CyndiLarson Says:

    Congrats on the finds! I enjoyed the video!


  5. Wavatar dude420here Says:

    Hey Man:Loved your video.Some awesome finds for sure.I hunt with a Ace 250 also.Congrats!!!


  6. Wavatar Twistidd Says:

    Great video! You tell those other detectorists just how “hunted out” the area is! Those treasure gluttons.


  7. Wavatar NewEnglandDetectors Says:

    Great job on the video :-) I look forward to more!


  8. Wavatar ragdollsrock012 Says:

    I found one of those brown bottles in my backyard before!


  9. Wavatar toddvanek29 Says:

    that belt thing looks like the thing that hooks the sling to the M1 grand


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