Collector’s Profiles

One of the greatest aspects of collecting old coins is the fellowship among collectors, whether that means socializing at local coin clubs, annual conventions, or just chatting once in awhile with your local coin dealer.  These days, online socializing has become as popular as the offline types thanks to niche communities such as the one we're bulding here within US Rare Coins.

It's completely free and a fantastic way to stay connected with other coin collectors around the world who share your specific interests!  You just never know who you might connect with that has the coin you need to complete your set.  And you might even develop online friendships that materialize into "offline" buddies to meet up with at coin conventions like F.U.N.  Or, you might prefer to to just chat with other collectors on the other side of our "big blue marble".  We invite you to create your profile today and make this your community....

(Coming Soon!)