Bonafide Coin Collecting Software: Five Things To Look For

Friday, April 3rd, 2009

Whether you are a novice or an expert at coin collecting, you can truly benefit from purchasing some kind of software.  There are numerous benefits to having software to work with including organization, inventories, and coin related links.  Here are five things to look for with legitimate coin collecting software.

1. Managing data
Perhaps the number one reason why you will want to purchase coin collecting software is to help you manage your data.  It can become overwhelming trying to keep up with the numerous statistics and features that come with your collection.  Having software that can organize all of this data in one system can be extremely helpful.

2. Built in coin inventory
Many of the commercially available software will have built in coin inventories for you to take advantage of.  This will allow you to keep an eye on modern, ancient and medieval coins.  In addition, many of these programs are capable of organizing existing web resources and coin links so that you can keep up to date on recent coin values that are updated frequently.

3. Coin glossary and dictionary
If you are a coin collecting expert, having a glossary and dictionary specifically for coins is probably not all that important.  However, it certainly cannot hurt.  But if you are a novice, it is important you understand all of the terminology and wording that is used within the coin industry.

4. Reports and summaries
In addition to managing your data, you will also want to be able to write reports and summaries regarding your coins and coins that you may want to purchase.  It is important your coin collecting software has some type of feature or program that will allow you to write reports and keep summaries of numerous things.

5. Readymade templates
The last feature that you will want to look for with coin collecting software is readymade templates.  Although this is not at the top of the list for things to look for, it can certainly make life easier on you as you attempt to keep track of your collection efficiently.

The market is filled with different coin collection software you can purchase.  It can be difficult deciphering one from the next making it all the more important you take the tips listed in this article into consideration.  Look for software that will allow you to write reports and summaries, manage your date, and has a built in coin inventory.

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Determining Coin Values By Their Grade

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

After learning the basics of coin collecting, you are probably going to become interested in coin collecting values.  A coin set can be a great investment as they can skyrocket in prices if the supply and demand is there.  While there are several ways to determine the value of a set, one method is by looking at the grade of your coins.

The grade of a coin refers to the condition it is in.  The main objective behind grading is to determine whether the coin is in mintstate or if it is circulated.  Mintstate means the coin is new while circulated refers to a used coin.  The ideal coin is perfect mintstate as you will certainly get the top coin collecting values at this state.

There are a few ways that you can grade a coin.  The first is by looking at the quality of the coin die and any striking characteristics.  The strike refers to the process of stamping a design and it can either be strong or weak.  Typically this will depend on how the coin was designed.

The second thing to look at when grading a coin is the condition and characteristics of the planchet.  This will help you determine whether a coin is uncirculated or not.  A mintstate coin will not have any wear whatsoever. 

The last thing to look at is the amount of wear and damage on the overall eye appeal of the coin.  For the best coin collecting values you want there to be little damage at all.  Most collectors agree that a strong coin either has a good eye appeal or not.

When looking at the different coin collecting values you obviously want to have the most perfect mintstate coin as possible.  A perfect coin will have an attractive sharp strike and original luster of the highest quality.  There will be no contact marks and absolutely no visible hairlines, scuff marks or defects. 

As you go down the list little details can degrade the value of the coin.  Things like a few light scattered contact marks or flaws, a couple of small hairlines, or average luster can make a coin drop in value.  A typical mintstate coin is going to be the bottom with an unattractive and dull luster, many contact marks or damage spots, and a heavy concentration of hairlines. 

There are several things you want to look at when determining coin collecting values.  Pay close attention to contact marks, hairlines, luster, and any scuff marks.  If your coin is in perfect mintstate it will have the highest value of any other coin.

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