Discover The Secrets And Value Of Numismatic Coins

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

There are many coins all over the world but have you heard about “numismatic coins”? These coins are rare ancient coins that have a lot of value and worth in these current times. People collect them and gift them as they are a rare legacy that is worth a fortune today.

Numismatic coins are exclusive coins that are mainly collector coins and they have a very high intrinsic value. They are graded and certified by experts all over the world. They are made in gold and silver and they are highly sought after by coin collectors all over the world.

The value of these coins depends upon on the collector demand, their present condition and their grades. These coins are very beautiful and they are the prized possession of many people all over the world.

There are many people who invest in these numismatic coins because of their value. Investment in numismatic coins can reap good returns in the future. The value of these coins increase with time and they are ideal for a person to accumulate wealth.

When you are going in for numismatic coins you should check the certification details and the credentials of the retailer. Ensure that the coins are graded by experts before you invest in them.

Numismatic coins are a wise investment and they are a very good source of wealth accumulation. These coins are priceless and have a universal appeal that can be gifted to a dear one. They are a treasure and deserve to be cherished forever!

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Numis Network- A New Way to Collecting Coins

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

Numis Network introduces a new approach to network marketing by investing in graded silver and gold coins. This program was launched August of 2009 but is already attracting top players of the industry. How does Numis Network work?

How Numis Network performs actually depends on its leadership to attract people to venture into retail of this product and their ability to recruit others to join in the program.

It is the ultimate mission of the company to bring in more wealth to families by collecting Numismatic coins. These are the most sought after rare coins which may date back from the Roman Empire to the recent ones released by the different government mints of the world like Australia, China, Canada, Austria and the United States.

These coins come with MS70 certification issued by coin grading institutions like the PCGS, NGC, and the ANACS.  This is the highest coin certification, which makes this program a numismatic business rather than a precious metal investment.

The binary compensation of The Numis Network is an easy and powerful structure characterized by a right and left leg, the Enroller and the Sponsor.  The enroller introduces the ICR or the Independent Collector Representative while the Sponsor takes the upline ICR position in the organization.

Under the ICR position, it can only sponsor two ICRs more although there is no limit to the number of ICRs your upline or downline can enroll.  This allows control over your team and encourages new ICRS enrolled to your upline to spread out into your downline.

The ICR is paid depending on the amount of volume produced by each leg achieved by infinite level down. In this case, if your weak leg has a Bonus Volume (BV) of $300, you get yourself $30 as a bonus.

There are different levels on this program: the Collector, 1 Star, 2 Star, 3 Star and 4 Star. An expansion of your downline would entitle you for advancement in rank and to be rewarded on subsequent generations. A 4 star rank would require a 120 per month personal volume order and 12 personal ICR enrollments.

This is indeed a unique concept of investing on monthly purchases through autoship with both investment and inherent importance. For the moment, these gold and silver coins continue to improve their value.

Thus, coin collecting through the Numis Network provides a good opportunity for people wanting to invest in networking.  With a perfect plan, accomplished by a firm system and various streams of profits, you would only need training and a killer marketing tactic to strengthen your success ten fold.

Joining the right team in any network marketing company is probably one of the most important things to becoming successful. You must have an upline that has a system in place that can be easily replicated to everyone in the downline.

Our team has everything that you need to succeed if you do decide to join the Numis Network. We have systems in place, team coaching calls, team community, as well as million dollar earners that will help you close your warm leads.

Learn how you can partner up with the fastest growing team in the Numis Network and receive free trainer from top-level millionaire earning Internet Marketers.

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My name is Donny Gamble I run my personal blog at were I help people create wealth by combing Internet Marketing with network Marketing

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Commemorative Coins – What Are They?

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

Commemorative us silver coins have become incredibly popular. Many collectors want to have several kinds of coins in their collections or as pure souvenirs. Many times they are used as ordinary gifts for special occasions. These coins are not viewed to be practical presents, but are commemorative objects that can be kept for many years as special souvenirs when received by a good friend or family.

There is a significant demand for these special coins among people who are collectors as they might have some meaning to them. Others will want them to remember a significant day or special occation. The mint date and the occation celebrated by the coin could be cause people consider them collectible objects.

Since the 1970`s, the individual coins were present in the market each year, but are now available as sets in packages or in special editions. Many collectors mean that one reason they are marketed in this manner was the depreciation of their value beginning in 1971. The introduction of the euro might also be a cause.

There are countries which have manufactures commemorative silver coins and used these coins for marketing purposes. There were monarchs who issued coins to commemorate past or current occations and/ or celebrations that dedicate their authority.

The silver half dollar was manufactured in 1892 to commemorate the Columbian Exposition in Chicago. This was a celebration to display the 400th anniversary of the expedition of Christopher Columbus and his awesome discoveries in our part of the world.

Under the coming year, the first quarter dollar commemorative was presented to signify the Exposition too. but it also gave credit to queen Isabella of Spain. She was the one who "back-drove" the political agenda on women rights.

The first commemorative silver coins which were made of silver were presented in the 1900`s. The silver coins were struck in honor of Lafayette and George Washington. In the coming years, the half dollar coins was denominated, and the legal tender commemorative coins were developed to point celebrations rather than historical occations. These coins are recognized now as classical sets of special coins of historical events between the years 1892 to 1954.

It was in 1933 that the Washington Quarter dollar was introduced as the U.S.`s second commemorative coin in its denomination. It was issued for the 200th birth anniversary of George Washington. The coin also continues the circulation as a commemorative coin due to its high popularity.

It was not characteristic to circulate a commemorative coin of the 1892 to 1954 period in the U.S. because the government had not purposedly put them in circulation, so coin collectors will not pay the first costs of these coins which are still in the coin market.

In 1975, that the Bicentennial quarter was presented. It turned the second circulating commermorative coin in the U.S., while the silver dollars and half dollars (1776 to 1976) were reissued as a special collectors editions.

Several collectors have many agendas when collecting these coins. Some want commemorative from 1892 to 1954 while the majority choose the modern editions. They know that these coins have unlike values depending on the series and/ or editions.

Although there have been several series introduced, a proposal was submitted to congress that would point the Lincoln cent for his birth anniversary. No one knows if or not the 1 cent denomination commemorative coin will be manufactured.

The confusing issue of these commemoratives which are circulating is the type of the denomination. The 1776 to 1976 commemoratives half dollars and silver dollar might not be put in collections caused by their scarcity. The majority of the silver us coins which are circulating are the quarter dollar coins. It should be an interesting development for the suggested circulation of the 1 cent commemorative coin.

Harald Hoel, is a collector of us silver coins. He posess great knowledge about silver coins, especially silver us coins.

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How To Obtain Silver Us Coins Via Auctions

Sunday, November 29th, 2009

Many silver coins collectors who wants to sell or purchase coins, use coin auctions or bidding which is a good way to go.

Silver coins auctions is probably the best way to secure coins that have significant values. Coin auctions are the best source of rare coins if one want to sell their coins to the highest bidder and that is of course the case for most of us.

Traditional ways of selling and purchasing coins are different from auctions because coin auctions entail some rules and regulations that both seller and auction bidders must adhere to.

First of all, there are three sorts of silver coin collecting auctions and these are as follows:

A. Auctions through traditionally mail bidding

This sort of coins auction, sellers will put ads up and publish coin auctions through ordinary mail. This is most beneficial for collectors who want to take part in the activity but can not be personally present to the event.

Commonly, sellers have mailing lists available and it is used to distribute catalogs which contains descriptions and images of the coins on sale. At times it might show the starting bid value and other important info.

Sellers mailing lists, the catalogs/ brochures are distributed to potential customers. These lists might also be sent to previous customers and are quite common to do.

B. Telephone Auctions

This auctions are taking place through phones. Similar to traditional mail bidding, phone auctions must be aware of the rules and regulations which sellers and bidders have to follow.

As soon as the highest bid is registerred, the coin goes to the bidder. However, there are certain instances were collectors might ask the sellers for an approximate selling price but all rules still are the same, previous bids are of no disclosure.

C. Online silver coins auctions

These sorts of auctions is very popular because interested collectors find a particular coin and is able to see the quality of the coin. Bigger interaction between sellers and buyers might also be obtained as sellers can instantly be in touch with the bidders for vital info.

A drawback to this sort of silver coin auctions is that using internet, bad people can deceive coin collectors into believing that what they observe on the screen is the same coin which are won.

Any of these methods can provide collectors with excellent ways of obtaining superb coins available on the market. But make a budget and stick to it.

Harald Hoel, is a collector of us silver coins. He posess great knowledge about silver coins, especially silver us coins.

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What Makes a Coin Valuable

Saturday, November 21st, 2009


Numismatics, or coin collecting, is a popular hobby.    Whether you search through spare change for state quarters, gather coins from specific years or purchase proofs as an investment, collecting can provide the opportunity to learn more about the history of our country.Coins usually have value as currency on the street, but how can a new collector learn what, if any, additional value may be attached to his or her collection.

Surprisingly enough, age isn’t the only feature that makes coins valuable.  In the United States, coins are valued based primarily on the scarcity of the item and its condition.  For Modern U.S. coins like the American Eagle silver coin, this is even more true.  For more tips, you can visit:

What makes a coin scarce? Several factors, but often there is a strong historic tie.  For example, almost any coin in recognizable condition that was minted in San Francisco in 1870 would be considered very valuable.  This is because 1870 was the first year of operations for the San Francisco location so relatively few coins were produced.  A more extreme case can be found by the 1933 Sain-Gaudens Double Eagle coin.  This was the year President Roosevelt took the country off the gold standard.  All gold coins were recalled, but a handful did not make it back to the mint for melting.  One of these coins was discovered in 1992 (and confiscated by the Secret Service.)  The face value of the coin was $20, but in 2002 the coin was sold at auction for more than $7 million dollars.

Another key concern is the condition of a coin.  Coin collectors in the U.S. use the Sheldon Grading scale.  The scale gives values ranging from1, for a barely recognizable coin, to 70 which is an ideal but only exists in theory perfect coin.  Most coins fall in the range between 8 (for very good) to 50 (almost uncirculated).  Uncirculated coins have a further scale starting at 60.  Anything above 66 is rarely seen.

In conclusion, for casual collectors two pieces of advice.  First, don’t alter your coins.  Colorized, marked or even cleaned coins can all be classified as altered.  Alterations can severely limit, if not destroy any collector’s value for a coin.  Secondly, if you have questions about a coin’s value do some preliminary research yourself – there are many organizations like the American Numismatic Association where you can learn more. – then if you believe you need more help, contact a reputable expert.

Daniel Wareham has been a long-time coin collector and a coin dealer since 1999. He has a special interest in US coins, and has a successful coin trading business where Modern US coins like the American Eagle silver coin may be purchased at his website.

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Collecting and Investing in Double Eagle Coins in Today’s Economy

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

In today’s turbulent and volatile economy, you may be apprehensive when someone tells you that it is a good idea to collect or invest in double eagle coins. I mean, money is so hard right now that you barely have any time to do some investing, let alone invest in something for the purpose of collecting instead of making money. However, if you look closely, you’ll see that collecting and investing in double eagle coins is a smart move. Why? Well primarily because it is gold. Gold has a lot of uses including some forms of commodities. Gold is also a liquid investment, which means that it is like cash except in a different form.

Additionally, double eagle coins are rare collectibles that have a long history. Because of the long history behind the coin, its value has risen exponentially. Moreover, the coin itself played an important role in past presidential eras, like Franklin D. Roosevelt’s term. Also, the coin is highly regarded in other cultures. The double eagle coin has a lot of different variations mainly because other countries have put high importance in its craftsmanship and coinage. In fact, due to the rarity and quality of the coin, a lot of manipulative individuals have replicated it in order to take advantage of naïve buyers. So always be careful.

One more reason on why you should invest in double eagle coins is because you get to buy gold in cheap batches. If you were to buy gold in a conventional market, you would have to buy it by the ounce. Sometimes, double eagle coins come in less than an ounce making it easier for you to make a purchase. Every investor knows that buying slowly and steadily is the sure fire way of having a good return for your money.

Collecting double eagle coins is also very advisable. The art of collecting is very profound and scholarly. Not only do you get to understand the background of your collections, but you also develop some kind of passion for your collections. It is not only an admirable task, it is also a sound and intelligent way to spend money. You get to enjoy a hobby while increasing your net worth at the same time. Some people may actually say that this is the best type of investing. Come to think about it, you’re not really buying the coins for investment purposes; you’re buying them because you have a sense of enthusiasm for the history and artistry of the coin. And as a by-product, you are able to invest.

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Investing in Gold Double Eagle Coins

Saturday, October 24th, 2009

Investing in double eagle coins is a definitely a wise investment decision; as of 2009, coin collectors have illustrated a serious desire for gold double eagle coins because of their impressive resiliency. Now, ultra high relief coins are accessible; these coins have a face value equivalent to twenty dollars, and the United States mint recently minted an additional 2,200+ that coin investors can invest in. This actually ups the total of available gold double eagle coins to more than 82,900+ coins.

As a testament to the appeal of double eagle coins, one will find that the Mint from the United States has sold well over 816 thousand of the gold double eagle coins this year alone. The newest, ultra high relief gold double coins were just offered in January of 2009; these coins are offered with 24 karat gold and thus they prove intensely desirable to the coin collector.

When a coin collector invests in Double Eagle Coins from the United States Mint, he or she gets the coins in a beautifully crafted box. The box one receives is made of the finest mahogany wood material, and the coin collector gets a full color brochure detailing the new piece that they will be adding to their existing coin collection. The coin collector will find that the interior of the box is fully line with a soft velvet to keep the coins protected during shipping and display, and a special platform inside the box makes for super easy coin presentation too. Every coin weighs in at a full troy ounce or just over 31 grams. The gold double eagle coins possess a diameter equivalent to 27 millimeters, and a thickness equivalent to four millimeters. When compared to other US Minted coin options, these coins can prove to be as much as fifty percent thicker.

These coins come crafted with an eagle on the reverse side of the coin, and a liberty design on the obverse side of the coin; the same designs found on the original Saint-Gauden’s double eagle coins crafted in the year 1907. These coins have been digitally replicated and enhanced to offer a finer design, more stars, and a superior edging to the coin as well. These coins are marked with MMIX: the Roman numerals indicating the present year and the minting date of the coins.

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Commemorative Coins Honor People and Events

Friday, October 9th, 2009

In creating a memento of someone famous, or an event or place is a common occurrence. Some of these mementos will be more popular than others. While there are many methods of commemorating these people and events, one of the most popular and impressive is to be commemorated on a coin. This is due to the fact that a large amount of affection, artistry and attention to detail is required to make a commemorative coin. This not only makes the subject appropriately honored, but makes these coins highly sought after by collectors.

In the United States, commemorative coins are still relatively new. It is true that a few of these special coins were issued before the 1960s, it wasn't until later that commemorative coins were produced in large numbers. The very first commemorative coin that the United States minted was a two and a half dollar coin in 1948 to remember the California Gold Rush. Over the next half century, many other commemorative coins were produced, with the number greatly increasing from the 1960s onward. This is because these coins created a very positive response from the public and their creation attracts more collectors. Coin collecting is something that anyone can easily begin, and many get their start with commemorative coins.

Before the 1960s, all commemorative coins were also legal tender. After the 1960s, many commemorative coins were not legal tender, but items that were produced by the private sector specifically for the collectors' market. Let's face it, collectors probably would not spend these coins anyway. Some of these have become very valuable as the years have gone by, and the rarest can now cost many times what they originally sold for. It is important to remember that not all commemorative coins are "antiques." Even so, with all the new and original commemorative coins produced each year, all of them have the same potential to someday become a valuable collectors item.

If you have ever searched for commemorative coins on eBay, you were probably amazed at the sheer volume of these coins from all over the world and from all time periods that were available. These coins were once very difficult to track down, and now they are so much easier to acquire thanks to the opportunities afforded online.

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US Silver Coins – Amazing Old Coins for Any Collection

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

Coin collecting is a very popular hobby among many, and involves collecting legally minted currency from all over the globe. The most sought out coins are those that were only in circulation for a short period of time, and are usually minted with especially beautiful or historical pictures. A US silver coin is a great addition to any coin collection, and is one of the most treasured varieties of coins in the world.

The US silver coin is most widely known for the underlying message issued on many of them, ranging from stern warnings to messages of hope and everlasting peace. The face of our beloved "liberty" is also commonly seen on the us silver coin, usually with an olive branch and a protective shield. The American eagle is also popular among silver pieces, usually holding the olive branch for peace and a set of arrows representing war.

Many coin collectors were amazed by the time and effort put into each US silver coin, which actually lead to them no longer being in circulation and a very hard item to come by. Because the silver coins were only in circulation for a short period of time, the supply has decreased at a very alarming rate and made the US silver coin one of the rarest coins to have in a coin collection.

The Morgan Silver Dollar is one of the most sought out coins in the US silver coin collection, and is considered one of the most beautiful of all United States coins. They were minted back in the late 1800s, and even after 100 years are still considered the King of all United States coins that have ever been in circulation. It is a coin that shows the detailed excellence put into each piece of money, and also shows long term profit potential in the hot coin collecting market.

The silver market offers collectors and investors a wide variety to choose from, since silver was used for several pieces that were put into circulation. Dimes, quarters, and half dollars dated prior to 1965 were minted out of 90% fine silver, and many pieces in circulation condition are readily available. They are typically sold in bags with a face value of $1000, with 2,000 half dollars, 4,000 quarters, or 10,000 dimes in each bag.

Bags containing coins in uncirculated condition, meaning in almost perfect condition, carry a higher value per bag than those in circulation condition. Bags that contain coins with the same date are also valued higher than those with different dates, with the 1964 Kennedy half dollar being the most popular and expensive uncirculated US silver coin.

The most widely collected coins in the world are the US silver dollars, especially those minted between 1878 and 1904 or 1921 to 1935. They are nicknamed cartwheels, and come in two different designs. Like other silver coins of the same time, the silver dollars were minted of 90% pure silver and 10% copper. Each coin has a silver net content of 0.77344 ounce, with a bag weighing at least 50 ounces more than a bag of silver quarters, dimes, or half dollars.

Even those who are not devoted coin collectors like to invest in silver coins, because they are some of the most beautiful pieces of silver ever created. Both circulated and uncirculated pieces contain some of the most intricate and detailed designs, most of which are nothing compared to coin designs currently in circulation. A US silver coin is an amazing piece to add to any coin collection, or even a nice item to cherish by even those who are not into coin collecting.

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Collecting Silver Coins – A Timeless Art

Monday, October 5th, 2009

Silver coins, one of the oldest forms of currency, are still some of today’s most sought-after collector’s items. Coin enthusiasts all over the world are in search of these precious items for various reasons. Some simply find collecting rare date coins in silver a hobby or passion. Some consider it an activity that offers a rare prize. For more enterprising individuals, the collection of silver bullion coins is their protection against currency inflation, or their option for asset diversification.

Today, spurred by the popularity of the tradition of coin collecting, numismatists can find an explosion of resources to satisfy their enthusiasm in collecting coins of silver in any form. But nothing is ever going to change the fact that, for the truly coin-obsessed, rare date coins still remain the centerpiece of coin collecting.

Silver as a currency dates back to the time of ancient Greece, with silver drachmas as the most popular trade coins in the early days. Coins cast in silver were heavily used in trading by the Persians, travelling to different parts of the world. Even the British used pennies made out of silver before 1797.

Rare silver date coins are still among the most coveted among coin collectors. Popular favorites, and some of the most sought after for the most discriminating collector of silver coins include the Denarius, a Roman currency that was first minted in 211 BC, and the Miliarense, a rare mint that dates back to the late Roman and Byzantine Empire.

Even as generations progress, the insatiable appetite for coin collecting will always have silver coins as one of the highlights of searching for the latest and rarest finds.

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