Book of the Day: The Instant Coin Collector

If you're looking for a book chock-full of quick and clear answers to basic coin questions such as how coins are made, which coins are best to collect and why, and the best way to organize a collection, it's all delivered in this innovative and simply savvy guide. Written in a friendly, supportive tone using 300 color photos to clearly illustrate and instruct, this book also offers a primer on properly handling coins and a historical overview of recommended series of coins for beginning collectors.

The Instant Coin Collector bookThis useful book contains all the crucial info needed to start your coin collection right now, including:

  • An overview of how coins are actually made
  • Definitions for the different parts of a coin
  • Oft-used coin terminology
  • Strategies for organizing your collection
  • Tips for the proper handling of coins
  • Which coins are the best to collect and why

Check it out here: The Instant Coin Collector

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