1916-D Barber Quarter PCGS MS64 Great Color!

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7 Responses to “1916-D Barber Quarter PCGS MS64 Great Color!”

  1. Wavatar wistac123 Says:

    I’ll give you $5.00 for it!


  2. Wavatar wistac123 Says:

    i’ll give ya $5.00 for it!


  3. Wavatar wistac123 Says:

    $5 bucks?


  4. Wavatar YoMomma21212 Says:

    your kidding right


  5. Wavatar buttermobile Says:

    Crack it out and resubmit it for a higher grade if you think it will get it.


  6. Wavatar Shyamxe Says:

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  7. Wavatar lancenewman1978 Says:

    2 words Crack-Out


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